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46 hours ago Miztah[fixed] More Sarguillo reward and waypoint removal... 32/5332/1 unstable
2 days ago Ivojedi[Fixed] counterstrike rescuer spatial chat not firing 31/5331/1
2 days ago Miztah[fixed] Stability issue 30/5330/1
2 days ago Miztah[fixed] Players not being able to converse with Paemos... 29/5329/1
3 days ago Miztah[changed] Cleaned up Paemos' experience conversion... 26/5326/3
4 days ago Miztah[fixed] Players failing Sarguillo's phase 3 after takin... 27/5327/2
6 days ago Miztah[fixed] Typo 25/5325/1
6 days ago Ivojedi[Fixed] stability issue 24/5324/1
6 days ago Victor PopoviciInsert the description of the change. 23/5323/2
7 days ago Miztah[fixed] Players who are in the process of a base captur... 22/5322/1
8 days ago MiztahMerge "[fixed] Sarguillo not talking to the player...
8 days ago MiztahMerge "[fixed] Lightsaber force cost not having a hidde...
8 days ago Miztah[fixed] Sarguillo not talking to the player in phase... 20/5320/2
8 days ago Victor Popovici[fixed] stability issue 19/5319/1
9 days ago Victor Popovici[fixed] stabiliyty issue 18/5318/1
9 days ago Victor PopoviciMerge "[added] Species xp bonus modifiers - mantis...
9 days ago Miztah[fixed] Lightsaber force cost not having a hidden decim... 17/5317/1
10 days ago Miztah[fixed] Bug with crystal action stat calculation 16/5316/1
11 days ago Miztah[fixed] Stability issue 15/5315/1
11 days ago Miztah[added] Species xp bonus modifiers - mantis 7261 14/5314/2
11 days ago Miztah[fixed] Mellichae power crystals now pulse their heal... 98/5298/6
11 days ago MiztahMerge "[changed] Power crystal and pearl quality to...
12 days ago Miztah[changed] Power crystal and pearl quality to be determi... 06/5306/13
2017-01-10 Victor Popovici[fixed] stability issue 13/5313/1
2017-01-10 Ivojedi[Fixed] compile issue 12/5312/1
2017-01-10 Ivojedi[Fixed] stability issue 11/5311/1
2017-01-07 Victor Popovici[fixed] stability issue 10/5310/1
2017-01-07 Ivojedi[Fixed] a couple more compile issues 09/5309/1
2017-01-07 Ivojedi[Fixed] compile issue 08/5308/1
2017-01-06 Ivojedi[Removed] many unnecessary/redundant includes/imports 07/5307/4
2016-12-23 Miztah[fixed] Being able to trigger multiple "Go on leave... 05/5305/2
2016-12-22 Benjamin 'Ivojedi... Merge "[fixed] Themepark logic should now expand its...
2016-12-22 Miztah[fixed] Themepark logic should now expand its search... 04/5304/4
2016-12-22 Benjamin 'Ivojedi... Merge "[moved] a couple of interior spawns to their...
2016-12-22 Benjamin 'Ivojedi... Merge "[Added] Contraband scanner will call in reinforc...
2016-12-22 Benjamin 'Ivojedi... Merge "[Added] Possibility to spawn multiple and differ...
2016-12-22 Benjamin 'Ivojedi... Merge "[fixed] incorrectly labled attack template for...
2016-12-21 Nee Shadowfire[moved] a couple of interior spawns to their proper... 03/5303/2
2016-12-20 Loshult[Added] Contraband scanner will call in reinforcements... 02/5302/2
2016-12-20 Loshult[Added] Possibility to spawn multiple and different... 01/5301/1
2016-12-19 Ivojedi[Fixed] stability issues 99/5299/2
2016-12-19 Nee Shadowfire[fixed] incorrectly labled attack template for a few... 97/5297/1
2016-12-18 Miztah[added] Remaining Sarguillo phase 3 quest functionality 78/5278/9
2016-12-18 Valkyra[fixed] Yes/no buttons for padawan trials start query 89/5289/3
2016-12-18 Benjamin 'Ivojedi... Merge "[added] Vector to SuiPageData to allow for stori...
2016-12-18 Miztah[added] Vector to SuiPageData to allow for storing... 95/5295/4
2016-12-18 Benjamin 'Ivojedi... Merge "[Added] Task to call in contraband scan reinforc...
2016-12-15 Miztah[fixed] Dageerin not resetting properly on a phase... 94/5294/1
2016-12-12 Loshult[Added] Task to call in contraband scan reinforcements. 86/5286/2
2016-12-11 Benjamin 'Ivojedi... Merge "[Fixed] R3 droid Z-coordinate in Kor Vella ...
2016-12-11 Miztah[fixed] Encounters not rescheduling if the player was... 91/5291/6
2016-12-11 Farelli[Fixed] R3 droid Z-coordinate in Kor Vella 92/5292/1
2016-12-09 Ivojedi[Fixed] stability issue 88/5288/1
2016-12-08 ValkyraSWG[fixed] Height values for jedi padawan trial giver... 87/5287/1
2016-12-08 Ivojedi[Fixed] some compiler warnings 85/5285/2
2016-12-06 Benjamin 'Ivojedi... Merge "[modified] the 'Marauder Theme Park' into separa...
2016-12-06 Benjamin 'Ivojedi... Merge "[fixed] DirectorManager's missing Crouched postu...
2016-12-06 Loshult[Added] Smugglers now have 80% chance to avoid all... 84/5284/1
2016-12-06 ValkyraSWG[fixed] DirectorManager's missing Crouched posture... 83/5283/3
2016-12-06 Loshult[Added] Sui window about contraband fine is automatical... 82/5282/1
2016-12-05 Loshult[Fixed] Incorrect string id in Contraband scan. 81/5281/1
2016-12-05 Ivojedi[Fixed] stability issue 80/5280/1
2016-12-05 Ivojedi[Fixed] stability issue 79/5279/1
2016-12-04 Nee Shadowfire[modified] the 'Marauder Theme Park' into separate... 71/5271/4
2016-12-04 Benjamin 'Ivojedi... Merge "[fixed] Various camp layout issues, camp fire...
2016-12-04 Benjamin 'Ivojedi... Merge "[Added] Contraband fine of 10000 credits per...
2016-12-04 Miztah[fixed] Various camp layout issues, camp fire model... 76/5276/3
2016-12-03 Loshult[Added] Contraband fine of 10000 credits per contraband... 73/5273/2
2016-12-02 Ivojedi[Fixed] 2 junk dealers that didn't have the correct... 77/5277/1
2016-12-02 Benjamin 'Ivojedi... Merge "[added] Return waypoints to Dageerin's phase...
2016-12-01 Miztah[added] Return waypoints to Dageerin's phase 2 and... 75/5275/1
2016-12-01 Miztah[fixed] Sivarra's healing item not working - mantis... 74/5274/1
2016-11-30 Ivojedi[Added] jawa trader conversations 72/5272/1
2016-11-29 Benjamin 'Ivojedi... Merge "[Changed] Contraband Scan task into a session...
2016-11-29 Loshult[Changed] Contraband Scan task into a session. 68/5268/2
2016-11-29 Ivojedi[Added] junk dealer ollobo, nado, nathan, and sneg... 70/5270/1
2016-11-29 Ivojedi[Fixed] stability issue 69/5269/1
2016-11-28 Ivojedi[Added] junk dealer lila and sheani conversations 67/5267/1
2016-11-27 Ivojedi[Removed] the deprecated loading of some static spawns... 65/5265/2
2016-11-27 Ivojedi[Fixed] village xp conversion 64/5264/1
2016-11-27 Ivojedi[Added] Dender and Malik junk dealer conversations 63/5263/1
2016-11-26 Benjamin 'Ivojedi... Merge "[fixed] Old man not returning after failing...
2016-11-26 Miztah[fixed] Old man not returning after failing the Mellich... 61/5261/1
2016-11-26 Ivojedi[Added] Reggi and Quich junk dealer conversations 60/5260/1
2016-11-26 Ivojedi[Fixed?] village xp conversion and chassis dealer 59/5259/1
2016-11-26 tekbill[Added] Eyes of Mesra - magic 8 ball 55/5255/4
2016-11-26 Ivojedi[Fixed] stability issue 58/5258/1
2016-11-26 Ivojedi[Removed] JunkdealerCreature class 57/5257/1
2016-11-26 Miztah[fixed] All quest tasks, village and sui files to use... 56/5256/3
2016-11-26 Benjamin 'Ivojedi... Merge "[Added] Scanner will now search for contraband...
2016-11-25 Benjamin 'Ivojedi... Merge "[Added] Lua junk dealer functionality (cpp junk...
2016-11-25 Ivojedi[Added] Lua junk dealer functionality (cpp junk dealers... 54/5254/2
2016-11-25 Benjamin 'Ivojedi... Merge "[fixed] Some improvements to existing portions...
2016-11-25 Miztah[fixed] Some improvements to existing portions of Sargu... 51/5251/5
2016-11-25 Loshult[Added] Scanner will now search for contraband on the... 48/5248/2
2016-11-25 Ivojedi[Added] biogenic herald/dealer on yavin4 (will give... 52/5252/1
2016-11-25 Benjamin 'Ivojedi... Merge "[fixed] Old man visit count is now reset when...
2016-11-25 Miztah[fixed] Tanos are now set disabled using a bitmask... 44/5244/4
2016-11-24 Miztah[fixed] Old man visit count is now reset when the playe... 50/5250/1
2016-11-24 Ivojedi[Fixed] stability issue 49/5249/2